Tuesday, September 24, 2013

where did the summer go?

The summer absolutely flew. From June to the present there was a whole lotta wedding showering, baby showering, working, wedding attending X 5, bachelorette party dancing, cottage going, lake Michigan-ing, pooling, Mission-tripping, and most recently lots of birthday celebrating and of course Go Blue-ing:)

I  love September for so many reasons. First, and most importantly both of the loves of my life were born in this great month. Second, I love everything fall. Leaves changing color, Michigan football, hot apple cider, pumpkins, honeycrisp apples, boots, sweaters, campfires, and the cool air that hits my cheeks when I'm out for a run.

Our Ryleigh bug turned 2 a week ago! I have a 2 year old. Even saying that out loud seems crazy to me. She's so fun, and silly, and smart, and sassy, and  I could just eat her up! She is talking more and more everyday and loves to sing to us. There is a lot of laughter in our house in large part to her curious nature and very bossy spirit. We're taking the good with the bad on the terrible two front. We've moved on from biting (thank goodness) but now she's pinching and hitting when she gets frustrated. Consistency has been key with the discipline and we're confident and hopeful that she'll move on from this phase soon. She's pretty lean and tall just like her daddy. 96th percentile for height so we could have a volleyball player in our future. She loves itsy-bitsy spider, Bubble Guppies, yogurt covered raisins, and doing anything and everything outdoors. I think my most favorite thing she does right now is praying with us before she goes to bed. Jason started praying with her months ago and she almost has the whole darn thing memorized. It's pretty adorable.

From one love to another, yesterday was Jason's birthday! I helped him ease in to 32 with a Glen Rice basketball jersey. I'm pretty sure he liked it:) Another year down, and only more exciting things on the horizon. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing partner in life.

October will bring with it some more small adventures...to be continued!

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